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c# write variable in string

By Crazy CurlewCrazy Curlew on Jul 03, 2020
int age = 22;

Console.WriteLine($"Age: {age}");

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how to declare a string c#

By Tintinero1Tintinero1 on May 16, 2020
string MyString = "Your string in here";

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c# string methods

By Binary KillerBinary Killer on Apr 02, 2020
string string1 = "Today is " + DateTime.Now.ToString("D") + ".";

string string2 = "This is one sentence. " + "This is a second. ";
string2 += "This is a third sentence.";

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c# $ string

By The_HattmanThe_Hattman on Mar 27, 2021
string color = blue;

// Both versions do the same thing.
Console.WriteLine("The sky is " + color);
Console.WriteLine($"The sky is {color}");
//Note the dollar ^sign    and ^curly^ brackets.

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C# string

By Blue DuckBlue Duck on Feb 10, 2021
string str1 = "Blue";
string str2 = "Duck";

//returns length of string

//Make clone of string.
str2 = str1.Clone();

//checks whether specified character or string is exists or not
//in the string value.

//checks whether specified character is
//the last character of string or not.

//compares two string and returns Boolean value true 
//as output if they are equal, false if not

//Returns the index position of first occurrence of specified character.

//Converts String into lower case based on rules of the current culture.

//Converts String into Upper case based on rules of the current culture.

//Insert the string or character in the string at the specified position.
str1.Insert(0, “Welcome”);

//Returns the index position of last occurrence of specified character.

//deletes all the characters from beginning to specified index position

//replaces the specified character with another
str1.Replace(‘a’, ‘e’);

//This method splits the string based on specified value.
string[] strArray = str1.Split(“/”);

//This method returns substring.
str1.Substring(startIndex , endIndex);

//It removes extra whitespaces from beginning and ending of string.

//returns HashValue of specified string.

//This is not an exhaustive list.

Source: hackr.io

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string $ c#

By Relieved RayRelieved Ray on Feb 06, 2021
var jh = (firstName: "Jupiter", lastName: "Hammon", born: 1711, published: 1761);
Console.WriteLine($"{jh.firstName} {jh.lastName} was an African American poet born in {jh.born}.");
Console.WriteLine($"He was first published in {jh.published} at the age of {jh.published - jh.born}.");
Console.WriteLine($"He'd be over {Math.Round((2018d - jh.born) / 100d) * 100d} years old today.");

// Output:
// Jupiter Hammon was an African American poet born in 1711.
// He was first published in 1761 at the age of 50.
// He'd be over 300 years old today.

Source: docs.microsoft.com

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