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c# readline char

By MGT EDITSMGT EDITS on Jan 23, 2021

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c# what is console readline

By Hello ThereHello There on Nov 16, 2020
Console.ReadLine(); ??????
Reads the next line of characters from the standard input stream.
One of the most common uses of the ReadLine method is to pause program 
execution before clearing the console and displaying new information to 
it, or to prompt the user to press the Enter key before terminating the

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console readline c

By AnkurAnkur on Apr 04, 2020
Here, take input from the user. Since age is an integer, we typecasted it using Convert.ToInt32() Method. It reads the next line from the input stream. It blocks until Enter key is pressed. Hence it is commonly used to pause the console so that the user can check the output.

// C# program to illustrate 
// the use of Console.ReadLine() 
using System; 
using System.IO; 
class GFG { 
    // Main Method 
    public static void Main() 
        int age; 
        string name; 
        Console.WriteLine("Enter your name: "); 
        // using the method 
        // typecasting not needed  
        // as ReadLine returns string 
        name = Console.ReadLine(); 
        Console.WriteLine("Enter your age: "); 
        // Converted string to int 
        age = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine()); 
        if (age >= 18)  
            Console.WriteLine("Hello " + name + "!"
                        + " You can vote"); 
        else { 
            Console.WriteLine("Hello " + name + "!"
                + " Sorry you can't vote"); 

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console readline c#

By Uninterested UnicornUninterested Unicorn on Nov 15, 2020
console readline

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