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font size css

By k-vernooyk-vernooy on Feb 15, 2020
.class {
	font-size: 12px;

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css change text size

By jopxxljopxxl on May 14, 2020
p {
	font-size: 150% /*px, cm, in, etc.*/; 

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text size in CSS

By amazingcoder444Rblxamazingcoder444Rblx on Oct 05, 2020
font-size: 2em;

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css font-size

By Dr. HippoDr. Hippo on Apr 08, 2020

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font size css

By Caffeinated DeveloperCaffeinated Developer on Dec 15, 2020
/* you can set the font size using font-size: and a number followed by px */

.class {
  font-size: 60px;

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font size css

By Mehedi Islam RiponMehedi Islam Ripon on Feb 24, 2021
/* <absolute-size> values */
font-size: xx-small;
font-size: x-small;
font-size: small;
font-size: medium;
font-size: large;
font-size: x-large;
font-size: xx-large;
font-size: xxx-large;

/* <relative-size> values */
font-size: smaller;
font-size: larger;

/* <length> values */
font-size: 12px;
font-size: 0.8em;

/* <percentage> values */
font-size: 80%;

/* Global values */
font-size: inherit;
font-size: initial;
font-size: unset;

Source: developer.mozilla.org

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