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how to add element in json object

By MM.Mirzaei.DevMM.Mirzaei.Dev on Jun 15, 2020
// base code ----------------------------------------------------------
	object["property"] = value;
	 // or
	object.property = value;
// exampel : ----------------------------------------------------------
	var myJson = { name: "mamad", family: "mirzaei" }
// i wana to add age 
	myJson.age = 26
// log =>
	console.log( "myJson >>:" ,myJson) 
// resalt =>
	{ name: "Mamad", family: "Mirzaei", age : 26 }

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add to json object javascript

By Innocent IguanaInnocent Iguana on Mar 29, 2020
object.property = value;

Source: stackoverflow.com

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add data to json object

By Delightful DonkeyDelightful Donkey on Dec 03, 2020
objecr["property"] = value;

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