How to Represent an Infinite Number in Python?

To represent an infinite number you need to define a specific rule. For example, the infinite number in the examples of this article is represented as a string developed in the Python programming language. If you have any questions or suggestions kindly use the comment section and help us build a better article.

python infinite value

By Ugliest UnicornUgliest Unicorn on Mar 26, 2020
test = float("inf")

In Python 3.5, you can do:

import math
test = math.inf

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infinity in python

By Aggressive AddaxAggressive Addax on Jan 31, 2021
# Defining a positive infinite integer 
positive_infnity = float('inf') 
print('Positive Infinity: ', positive_infnity) 
# Defining a negative infinite integer 
negative_infnity = float('-inf') 
print('Negative Infinity: ', negative_infnity)

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python math negative infinity

By Kodi4444Kodi4444 on Dec 29, 2020
# Import math Library
import math

# Print the positive infinity
print (math.inf)

# Print the negative infinity
print (-math.inf)

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python infinity

By African Red Eyed BulbulAfrican Red Eyed Bulbul on Feb 20, 2020
test = float("inf")


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python set negative infinity

By DentedghostDentedghost on Jan 12, 2021
# Define Negative infinity number
ntive_inf = float('-inf')
print('Negative Infinity: ',ntive_inf)


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float inf in python

By Strange SkipperStrange Skipper on Jun 27, 2020

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When we are trying to represent infinite numbers in python, we use isinf() function because it returns true when the value is infinite.

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