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data types mysql vs postgresql

By Cheerful CheetahCheerful Cheetah on Aug 08, 2020
MySQL                   PostgreSQL          SQLite

TINYINT                 SMALLINT            INTEGER
SMALLINT                SMALLINT
BIGINT                  BIGINT
BIT                     BIT                 INTEGER


FLOAT                   REAL                REAL
DECIMAL                 DECIMAL             REAL
NUMERIC                 NUMERIC             REAL

BOOLEAN                 BOOLEAN             INTEGER

DATE                    DATE                TEXT
TIME                    TIME

NOW()                   NOW()   

LONGTEXT                TEXT                TEXT
MEDIUMTEXT              TEXT                TEXT
BLOB                    BYTEA               BLOB
VARCHAR                 VARCHAR             TEXT
CHAR                    CHAR                TEXT

columnname INT          columnname SERIAL   INTEGER PRIMARY 
AUTO_INCREMENT                              KEY AUTOINCREMENT

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