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mysql loop through databases and execute query

By Curious CardinalCurious Cardinal on Nov 13, 2020
delimiter //
DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS create_procedures//
CREATE PROCEDURE create_procedures()
    DECLARE db VARCHAR(255);
    DECLARE appDBs CURSOR FOR SELECT schema_name FROM information_schema.schemata WHERE schema_name LIKE 'application_%';

    SET @procName = "simpleproc"; -- Change this to your proc name

    SET @output = "delimiter //";

    OPEN appDBs;
        FETCH appDBs INTO db;
        IF NOT done THEN
            -- Replace this procedure declaration with your procedure.
            -- Make sure to keep the ',db,' syntax there.
            -- You should really only have to change the parameters
            -- and the stuff between the BEGIN and END clauses.
            SET @output = CONCAT(@output,'
    DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS ',db,'.',@procName,'//
    CREATE PROCEDURE ',db,'.',@procName,'()
            SELECT 1;

        END IF;

    CLOSE appDBs;

    SET @output = CONCAT(@output,'\ndelimiter ;');

    SELECT @output AS procs;
delimiter ;

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