How to DROP multiple columns with a single ALTER TABLE statement in SQL Server?

DROP COLUMN statement is used to remove columns from a table. DROP COLUMN works for any database type described above. Therefore, SQL Server can be used to drop columns from DBO, model, or TempDB and the same way – in Oracle, Sybase, etc. For Me, SQL needs to use ALTER TABLE.DROP COLUMN .., PostgreSQL use alter table..rename column, DB2 use alter table..drop column. The column must not contain any data before it is removed.

psql drop column

By Cautious ChipmunkCautious Chipmunk on Jul 05, 2020
ALTER TABLE table_name 
DROP COLUMN column_name;

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how remove column in mysql

By Rich RookRich Rook on Mar 09, 2020
ALTER TABLE "table_name" DROP "column_name";

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drop columnsql

By Weary WeaselWeary Weasel on Dec 23, 2020
ALTER TABLE table_name
DROP COLUMN column_name

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sql drop column

By VasteMondeVasteMonde on May 02, 2021
ALTER TABLE my_schema.my_table DROP COLUMN my_column;

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sql query alter table drop column

By Jittery JackalJittery Jackal on Mar 24, 2021
  ALTER TABLE Customers
DROP COLUMN ContactName;


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sql remove column from table

By tunaladtunalad on May 13, 2021
ALTER TABLE tableName DROP columnName;

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The discussion above explains the use of a single DROP statement to drop more than one column in SQL Server. While there can be some adverse impacts, it might be necessary for you to do so.

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