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components of sql

By Obedient OcelotObedient Ocelot on Jan 27, 2021
1- Data Manipulation Language(DML)-(SELECT, INSTERT, UPDATE...)
DML statements affect records in table. These are
basic operations we perform on data such as selecting
few records from a table, inserting new records,
deleting unnecessary records, updating existing records.

2-Data Definition Language (CREATE , ALTER , DROP)...
DDL statements are used to modify database or
table schema. These statements handle the design
and storage of database objects.

3-Data Control Language (GRANT , REVOKE)...
DCL statements control the level of access that
users have on database objects

4- Transaction Control Language (BEGIN TRAN, COMMIT TRAN, ROLLBACK)...

TCL statements allows us to control and manage
transactions to maintain the integrity of data
withing SQL statements.

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