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selecttoken em vbnet e json

By MFMF on Dec 09, 2020
Dim jt As JToken = j.SelectToken("['room list']")

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selecttoken em vbnet e json

By MFMF on Dec 09, 2020
Option Strict On

Imports Newtonsoft.Json
Imports Newtonsoft.Json.Linq
Imports System.Net.Http
Imports System.IO

Module Module1
    Sub Main()
        Dim t = JsonTestAsync()
    End Sub

    Private Async Function JsonTestAsync() As Task
        Using client As New HttpClient
            Dim response = Await client.GetAsync("https://atlas.metabroadcast.com/3.0/channel_groups/cbhJ.json?apiKey={insert your API key}&annotations=channels")
            Using reader As New StreamReader(Await response.Content.ReadAsStreamAsync)
                Using jsonreader = New JsonTextReader(reader)
                    Dim serializer = New JsonSerializer()
                    Dim document As JObject = CType(serializer.Deserialize(jsonreader), JObject)
                    For Each result In document
                        For Each channelgroup In result.Value
                            Console.WriteLine("Title = " & channelgroup.Item("title").ToString)
                            Console.WriteLine("ID = " & channelgroup.Item("id").ToString)
                            For Each channel In channelgroup.Item("channels")
                                Dim first = channel.Children.First
                                Dim titleInfo = first.Children.First
                                Dim numberInfo = first.Next
                                Console.WriteLine(numberInfo.Children.First.ToString & " = " & titleInfo.Item("title").ToString)
                End Using
            End Using
        End Using
    End Function
End Module

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