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flutter snackbar replacement

By ElijahElijah on Mar 14, 2021
  content: const Text('snack'),
  duration: const Duration(seconds: 1),
  action: SnackBarAction(
	label: 'ACTION',
	onPressed: () { },

Source: flutter.dev

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how to show snackbar in flutter

By Agreeable AardvarkAgreeable Aardvark on May 14, 2020
You can show material design snackbars using the following code:

      content: Text("New Notification"),
In some cases, this will throw an error and it can be resolved using a workaround:

//Declare a GlobalKey
GlobalKey<ScaffoldState> _scaffoldKey = GlobalKey<ScaffoldState>();

//Assing this key to the scaffold
  key: _scaffoldKey,
  body: ...

//finally in the topmost code use this key in the following way
      content: Text("New Notification"),

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snackbar in flutter

By Awab_SabirAwab_Sabir on Mar 04, 2021
final snackBar = SnackBar(content: Text('Yay! A SnackBar!'));

// Find the ScaffoldMessenger in the widget tree
// and use it to show a SnackBar.

Source: flutter.dev

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flutter snackbar

By Splendid SealSplendid Seal on May 15, 2020
final snackBar = SnackBar(
  content: Text('Yay! A SnackBar!'),
  action: SnackBarAction(
    label: 'Undo',
    onPressed: () {
      // Some code to undo the change.

 // Find the Scaffold in the widget tree and use
 // it to show a SnackBar.

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Flutter snackbar top

By ElmogawaElmogawa on Aug 10, 2020
  child: Text('Show Top Snackbar'),
  onPressed: () {
      flushbarPosition: FlushbarPosition.TOP,
      ..title = "Hey Ninja"
      ..message = "Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry"
      ..duration = Duration(seconds: 3)

Source: stackoverflow.com

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