Following are the FAQ about the CodeProZone

  • How many answers does the CodeProZone show?

The maximum answers which are short in grapes are about to, and it may be possible there is only one or no answer for under particle question, so it means that question has no answer or only one.

  • Can I change the default ctrl +g shortcut for the codes snippet editor

Yes, you can also use Alt+ G instead of that for your extension settings

  • How much CodeProZone cost

The CodeProZone is free of cost for every person and will be free in future.

  • How CodeProZone make money

Gripper makes money with a message by taking commissions from any products that the CodeProZone developer community does. More information is given in the link

  • How CodeProZone confirms what answer to show

Gripple shows the answers based on their rating. The first answer, which is shown in the CodeProZone search engine, is the one that has the best feedback. The answer, which is the Contender, is on the second one and can be randomly selected. Whenever any answer get good feedback, it goes to the first answer and calls a champ

  • How can I add the answer to the CodeProZone

Following are the two ways to answer the CodeProZone.

The first one is that whenever you search for any technical problem, you get the option to add a CodeProZone answer, which is on the top of your Google search result. Or, you can do it also by pressing.

The second to add your answer is whenever you search any technical problem then you click into a webpage or the forum that comes in the result placed and place ctrl for Mac so the CodeProZone editor will open and you with easily add your answer for that technical question or query

  • How can change the query which is associated with the CodeProZone answer

You cannot add the theory associated with the answer in the past, but now you can change it by JS loop through the array and JavaScript iterate through the array and then whenever you up what you answer. You should also keep in mind that if your query is not working or is not original, then you need to delete the answer and search again in the Google search for the query and add the answer again.