Privacy Policy

So dear visitors, your privacy is the most important for us. So now we will tell you how we handle your data by our privacy policy for this service. We are just trying our best to safeguard your privacy and provide you with the best possible service.


You will have all the information collected, used, and written by the CodeProZone in this privacy policy. In this privacy policy, you will get all the information we collected when using our website and other CodeProZone extensions. So dear visitor we also want to inform you that we may change our policy about privacy time by time to give you more facilities. In case of any changes in this privacy policy, we will inform you by providing the date on the top of the page, and we will also offer you additional notes about that policy change. We also want to tell you that you will check the privacy policy whenever you open our website.

Collection of information

Information you need to provide us

You need to provide some information directly to us. For example, whenever you communicate with us, we're different social media sites or other communication, we will collect some information about you. Team formation depends on you. You can also log in via email or phone address for someone else.

Public CodeProZone profile information

Whenever you sign up for an CodeProZone account, you need to choose to get a public profile on private profile full stop if it is the public profile we collect information from you to put in your public profile like the name and the picture that you want to select as a profile picture your location and PayPal account post of this information will be posted on your public profile. However, you can limit the audience to see your profile.

Information that we collect whenever you use our service:

CodeProZone is collecting the information from your account like this, which are given below in this points:

Email address or phone number

Whenever you log into the CodeProZone, if you are logged in to the Google account, it will automatically take your email address from there, and in case you are not logged in there, you will have to use a unique identifier for all your contact numbers.

Upvote or downvote answer feedback

Whenever you uprate or downrate, what feedback answers will collect your data. We collect that information which will help the other people who log in after you.

Anonymous answer feedback collects your answers about CodeProZone information and those anonymous answers, which will be displayed whenever you search for it in Google search engine and help other people.


The CodeProZone website address uses your cookies to allow bye by your access to the website. To improve and customize the services, you need to enable all the permissions to buy the website.

Use of information

The information which you provide has been used for different purposes, which are given below.

  • We use your display codes and searches to your at others code related searches which will help you in different searches about codeCodeProZone
  • we will also provide you customer support service, which will give response to your questions and request and send you Technical and administrative answers and messages about those questions
  • We also analyze and monitor different brands and use them in connection with advertising and marketing services.
  • We also provide maintenance for operating and promoting the website and service with you.

Sharing anonymized and aggregate data

We also share anonymized integrated data that will never directly identify you or any of your data. We do this all only for doing the following given things.

  • We do this to write you the advanced anonymized aggregated analysis.
  • To monitor trends activities in connection with his services for Advertising and Marketing purposes.
  • Provide customer support services to all of our customers and do our best to respond to all your questions and requests sent technically to us.
  • The primary mission is to improve, maintain and promote the website services to all of our visitors.

Protecting and storing your data

Grippers can store and protect their data in different ways. And take some steps to make sure that all your data collected by CodeProZones are stored and transferred insecurely. In these steps, we make sure as long as possible that the collected and stored data of a customer is safe from misuse, unauthorized access, interference modification, or disclosure. We do this by choosing methods like industry-standard limitation TLS encryption Technology to save sensitive data from different problems.

The data is collected by CodeProZone Store and it's safe in the USA. stop we uphold strict procedures for protecting store data in our servers and the access to the data is only given to the employees who work with such data.

Optional information

  • Anonymous search terms

Anyone can use anonymous search terms, and it showed the answer for the search time at the time of the search. V also creates our customers to send this data because it helps us improve the search engine Optimisation about the Graph per search engine for other communities. You can choose to disable program account settings into anonymous search data. But if you provide us this data we can also help you to have different facilities that will help you in future

  • Coding activity

As defaults collected the anonymous data, coding activity is never Collectorate on default for so you can choose if you want to enable the future under the CodeProZone profile. If you enable this feature, you can get the following information like the creeper answers you had copied or aborted, and the search term like the given on this last one option and your UPvoted answers.

Your rights

Whenever you want to delete or change or cancel any updated account, you can only do it by emailing us at this email, but we will take some information from you that is required for this purpose.

Many web browsers accept cookies at fault. But there, you can set it if you want if you prefer; you can usually choose to select your browser for cookies and can also reject it. If you refuse to remove cookies that will never disturb you and will not affect anything, if you want to disable it now and have enabled it, you can do it at the following given address. For more information, you can also remove cookies, but this could also affect the availability and notifications of our service.

Contact us

you can quickly contact us via the following given address