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C# delegate

By Crazy ChinchillaCrazy Chinchilla on Apr 29, 2020
    using System;

	public class CargoAircraft
      	// Create a delegate type (no return no arguments)
        public delegate void CheckQuantity();
		// Create an instance of the delegate type
        public CheckQuantity ProcessQuantity;

        public void ProcessRequirements()
          // Call the instance delegate
          // Will invoke all methods mapped

    public class CargoCounter
        public void CountQuantity() { }

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            CargoAircraft cargo = new CargoAircraft();
            CargoCounter cargoCounter = new CargoCounter();
          	// Map a method to the created delegate
            cargo.ProcessQuantity += cargoCounter.CountQuantity;
          	// Will call instance delegate invoking mapped methods

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delegate function c#

By Blue-eyed BeaverBlue-eyed Beaver on Mar 23, 2020
// Create the Delgate method.
public delegate void Del(string message);

// Create a method for a delgate.
public static void DelegateMethod(string message)

// Instatiate the delegate.
Del hadler = DelegateMethod;

// Call the delegate.
hadler("Hello World");

// Output
// Hello World

Source: docs.microsoft.com

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delegate declaration in c#

By D-CODED-CODE on Dec 08, 2020
public delegate int PerformCalculation(int x, int y);

Source: docs.microsoft.com

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